Retiring in Ecuador

  • Duration: 11 Days
  • Departure: Daily
  • Hotels: First Class Accommodation
  • Highlights: Quito – Cotacachi – Cuenca – Vilcabamba valley

    This great trip focuses on the culture, history and daily living in Ecuador by taking you to some great places for a future retirement. This trip focuses on visiting the main areas in the Andean region of the country that are ideal to retire in. These areas offer an excellent quality of life and provide many great benefits for those considering Ecuador as a place they might make their home in the future. The trip begins in the capital of Ecuador, Quito, and the valleys surrounding it. Then to Cotacachi and Otavalo. The trip then turns south, through the Avenue of the volcanoes and arrives to the southern region of the country, spending time Cuenca, and Vilcabamba valley.

    Besides the private tours, which can start any day of the year, Latin Frontiers now also organises a group tour. The next group tour will happen in 2017, specific dates will be decided upon soon.
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    Tour Information

    • Accommodations: First Class
    • Focus: Retiring in Ecuador, sightseeing of Andean Region
    • Physical Activity: Low
    • Departures: Daily.
    • Tour Type: Private

    Summary Itinerary:

    • Day 1: Transfer in - Hotel Mercure
    • Day 2: Colonial city tour in Quito & Middle of the world - Hotel Mercure
    • Day 3: Quito surroundings - Transfer to Otavalo – Hacienda Pinsaqui
    • Day 4: Otavalo Indian Market - Hacienda Pinsaquie
    • Day 5: Cuicocha Lake and Surroundings - Hotel Mercure
    • Day 6: Flight to Cuenca - Colonial city tour and surroundings – Hotel Santa Lucia
    • Day 7: Cuenca visit & surroundings – Hotel Santa Lucia
    • Day 8: Transfer to Loja - Vilcabamba Valley - Hosteria Madre Tierral
    • Day 9: Vilcabamba surroundings visit - Hosteria Madre Tierra
    • Day 10: Transfer to Loja - Flight to Quito - Hotel Mercure
    • Day 11: Transfer out

    Package includes:

    • 6 Transfers (hotel - airport - hotel)
    • 4 nights in a First class hotel in Quito - Hotel Mercure
    • 1 Colonial & Historical city tour in Quito & Middle of the World visit
    • 1 Quito surroundings visit - Transfer to Otavalo
    • 2 nights in Otavalo at Hacienda Pinsaqui
    • 1 day Otavalo Indian Market tour and surroundings visit
    • day Cuicocha Lake and surroundings
    • Airfare: Quito - Cuenca
    • 1 day Colonial city tour and Cuenca surroundings
    • 2 nights in Cuenca at Hotel Santa Lucia
    • 1 Cuenca visit & Surroundings
    • 1 Transfer to Loja - Vilcabamba
    • 2 nights in Vilcabamba at Hosteria Madre Tierra
    • 1 day Vilcabamba surroundings
    • 1 Transfer from Vilcabamba to Loja
    • Private transportation
    • English - Spanish speaking guide
    • Meals described in the itinerary (B: Breakfast L: Lunch D: Dinner)
    • All entrance fees

    Package does not include:

    • Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages
    • Tips & Gratuities
    • Personal Expenses
    • International Airfare

    Day 1 - Transfer in Quito

    When you arrive in Ecuador, you will be met by our representative and will be transferred to your charming hotel in Quito. Accommodation: Hotel Mercure

    Day 2 - City tour in Quito & the Middle of the World

    After breakfast, your will visit “Quito” the most beautiful and colonial city in South America, declared by UNESCO part of the Cultural Heritage of mankind. You will explore the colonial part of the city and you will start in the Independence square, with the presidential palace, the city hall, the Sagrario church and the Cathedral. You will then, visit San Francisco church and museum-monastery (1535), the San Agustin monastery and the finest example of baroque art in America, La Compañía church (1605) and its breathtaking gilded altars. You will then visit the art & crafts gallery of Tianguez and finally, drive up to the Panecillo hill and enjoy an amazing view of Quito from above, and admire the only winged-Virgin statue in South America. This is a great spot to take pictures above Quito;

    After visiting the Colonial center of Quito you will arrive to the Middle of the World Monument and Museum, which is located 25 km north of Ecuador’s capital. There you will find the monument on the equatorial line marking latitude 0° 0´0”, where you will have the opportunity to stand in both hemispheres and take wonderful pictures. Here you can also visit the ethnographic museum on site as well. Accommodation Hotel Mercure.

    Day 3 - Quito surroundings - Transfer to Otavalo, Ibarra and Cotacachi Area.

    Today you will visit Quito and surrounding areas such as ´the valleys´ (Tumbaco and Los Chillos) those valleys are located lower than Quito and therefore have a warmer climate. Then you will continue to Imbabura, the province of lakes and mountains; of inspiring landscapes and folklore. This province is located only 50 miles North of Quito on the Pan-American Highway. In the Imbabura province you find towns like Otavalo, Ibarra and Cotacachi. Accommodation: Hacienda Pinsaqui.

    Day 4 - Otavalo Indian Market

    Today you will visit the biggest and most colorful indigenous market in Latin America, the famous Otavalo. Its market is famous around the world for its colorful tapestries, ponchos, hand-knitted wool sweaters, native paintings, wood carvings, silver jewelry, woolen and straw hats, and much more at bargain prices. One of the towns that you will explore will be Cotacachi, considered to be one of the best retirement destinations. It is the preferred choice of a number of retirees because of its pure air and natural environment, as well as health services and the accessibility of other services. Accommodation: Hacienda Pinsaqui

    Day 5 - Cuicocha Lake and Surroundings

    Today you will visit Cuicocha Lake, one of the most interesting crater lakes in Ecuador. This active volcano has a lagoon inside its crater with two small islands. If you like, you can enjoy a boat ride around the crater and listen to the stories and legends of this magical place or take a short hike for a beautiful view. After this, you will continue discovering this amazing area near Otavalo. On your way back to Quito you will enjoy the fantastic agricultural mosaic of rural Ecuadorian. Accommodation: Hotel Mercure

    Day 6 - Flight to Cuenca - City Tour and surroundings

    Early in the morning you will be transferred to the airport to take a short flight to Cuenca. This city is considered the best destination for retirement according to International Living Magazine. Today you will discover one of the most beautiful colonial cities in Latin America – Cuenca - which is located at 2,500 meters above sea level in a valley surrounded by 4 rivers and mountains with a very colorful countryside. Cuenca is famous for its art and history; there you will be able to admire its beautiful marble Cathedral, its cobblestone streets, graceful wrought-iron balconies, flowered plazas and museums. The people of Cuenca are known for their great hospitality. Accommodation: Hotel Santa Lucia

    Day 7 - Cuenca & Surroundings visit

    Today you will explore this beautiful city and its surroundings. During this day you will visit some real estate properties and apartments, as well as hospitals, markets and supermarkets, and some expats restaurants while enjoying the scenery, learning people’s customs, daily life, and lifestyle. Accommodation: Hotel Santa Lucia

    Day 8 - Transfer from Cuenca to Vilcabamba Valley

    Early in the morning you will continue your trip to Loja then to Vilcabamba Valley, known for its ideal climate and as a place of Longevity. In the afternoon you will spend time getting to know and enjoy this beautiful area. Accommodation: Hosteria Madre Tierra (B - L)

    Day 9 - Vilcabamba Valley and surroundings

    Today you will visit this beautiful valley located in the southernmost province of Loja, 42 kms (27 miles) south of the City of Loja. The picturesque valley of Vilcabamba lies in the heart of rural Ecuador at approximately 1500 meters (5000 feet) above sea level. Being in the center of the world, it maintains a spring-like temperature of 18° to 28° Celsius (65° to 82° F) year-round. Vilcabamba is a Kichwa word that means Sacred Valley in the language of the Incas, it is composed of two words: Huilco meaning "sacred" or "God" and Bamba meaning "valley"; hence, "Valley of God" or "Sacred Valley". If you are looking for an area that is quiet and with great views and weather, Vilcabamba is a magnificent place to live, retire, have a vacation home, or investment property. Accommodation: Hosteria Madre Tierra

    Day 10 - Transfer from Vilcabamba Valley to Loja city – Flight to Quito

    In the morning you will be transferred to the city of Loja. Here you will spend the morning visiting the city and surrounding areas. In the late afternoon you will head to the airport for your quick flight back to Quito. Accommodation: Hotel Mercure

    Day 11 - Transfer out

    After breakfast you will be transferred to the airport for your flight home.


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