Manatee Cruise

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Category: First Class
Cost: $$$$
Rooms: 14 staterooms
Location: Sails through the Napo River in Ecuador’s primary Amazon.

Who should go here: Ideal for those guests who will like to enjoy the Amazon in a floating hotel versus a stationary lodge. The Manatee was designed for adventure, yet it features the comforts and advantages of modern technology.

The Manatee Amazon Explorer is a floating cruise that allows you to explore the Amazon rainforest of Ecuador from the comfort of a floating hotel. If you are looking for an experience that allows you to travel through the Amazon in different areas, then the Manatee is the experience for you. Manatee Amazon Explorer is very comfortable and in compliance with marine safety and environmental standards. The floating hotel is certified with the Smart Voyager and the Rainforest Alliance certifications, which guarantee a sustainable operation.

The Manatee Amazon Explorer is equipped and maintained to cope with the most challenging conditions and are manned by experienced and conscientious officers, crew and expedition staff. The Canoes used for daily shore landings are rugged and versatile and are operated by experienced drivers in a responsible manner. Onboard you will be fully briefed on safety issues and our environmental policy and you will receive appropriate and detailed briefings before every landing.

Hotel Services and amenities

  • Air conditioning
  • Private bathroom with an 8 shower head massage cabin
  • Hot water shower
  • Electricity
  • Closets
  • Inside and outside dining areas
  • Complete bar and lounge
  • Lounge also counts with a computer station and wireless internet
  • Small library
  • Activities: Bird watching, Jungle hikes, Observation tower, Canoe excursions and Swimming

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