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The M/V Evolution is an elegant and sophisticated yacht with the appearance of a boat of the 1920’s, but with the comfort and security of modern day yachts.

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The Evolution accommodates up to 32 passengers with private facilities in 2 Master suites and 1 twin suite with ocean-view windows, 9 premium staterooms (double and twin) with ocean-view port holes and 4 ample deluxe staterooms (twin and double) with port-holes.

Equipped to visit the Galápagos, ideal for individual passengers or groups, families and active people. The Evolution is beautifully furnished and features an air renovation & conditioning system, 2 solariums, small boutique, infirmary with doctor on board, reception area, outer dining room, library & video room, hot water swimming pool, sun bar and a great canvas covered social area, ideal for observing marine fauna and the fabulous landscape of the Galápagos. Diving gear and kayaks are available.


  • Built in: Kanasashi Shipyard
  • Length: 58.5 mts (192 feet)
  • Beam: 29 feet / 8.9 meters
  • Draft: 10.5 feet / 3.2 meters
  • Speed: Maximum 12 knots, cruise speed 10 knots
  • Life rafts: 3 for 26 passengers each
  • Crew: 18
  • Life rafts: 12 with 25 passenger capacity each
  • Guides: 2 naturalists guides & 1 tour leader

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8-days Galapagos Itinerary “In the Steps of Pirates and Darwin”

  • SAT Am Baltra Island – Arrival in Baltra airport and transfer to the boat
    Pm Santa Cruz Island: Whaler Bay & Eden Islet
  • SUN Am Isabela Island: Vicente Roca Point
    Pm Fernandina Island: Espinoza Point
  • MON Am Isabela Island: Urbina Bay
    Pm Isabela Island: Tagus Cove
  • TUE Am Bartholomew Island: Pinnacle Rock & Overlook
    Pm Santiago Island: Sullivan Bay
  • WED Am Santa Cruz Island: Bachas Beach
    Pm Santa Cruz Island: Dragon Hill
  • THU Am Santa Cruz Island: Pitt Craters, Highlands & Tortoise Reserve
    Pm Santa Cruz Island: Charles Darwin Station
  • FRI Am Espanola Island: Suarez Point
    Pm Espanola Island: Gardner Bay / Gardner Islet / Osborn Islet
  • SAT Am San Cristobal Island: Interpretation Center
    San Cristobal Airport

8-days Galapagos Itinerary “Footsteps back in Time”

  • SAT Am San Cristobal Island – Arrival to airport where your trip will begin
    Pm San Cristobal Island: Kicker Rock
  • SUN Am South Plaza Island
    Pm Santa Cruz Island: Carrion Point
    Mosquera Island or Daphne Island
  • MON Am Chinese Hat Islet
    Pm Santiago Island: James Bay
  • TUE Am Genovesa Island: Darwin Bay
    Pm Genovesa Island: Prince Phillip´s Steps
  • WED Am North Seymour Island
    Pm Santa Fe Island
  • THU Am Floreana Island: Post Office Bay
    Pm Floreana Island: Cormorant Point
    Floreana Island: Devil´s Crown or Champion Islet
  • FRI Am Santa Cruz Island: Highlands
    Santa Cruz Island: Lava Tunnels & Pitt Craters
    Pm Charles Darwin Station
  • SAT Am Santa Cruz Island: Black turtle Cove
    Baltra Airport

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