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The unique configuration of this Camper & Nicholson motor yacht makes for a swift, stable vessel that provides both spaciousness and supreme comfort. She is the ideal sized vessel, attractive to the adventure traveler, sea-kayaker and natural-history passenger alike.

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The Grace is outfitted with a stabilizer system making for the smoothest running in the calm Galápagos seas. The main salon is truly spacious, equipped with luxurious sofas and chairs, a bar and entertainment center.

Passengers gather here for briefings by our guides, to watch films, enjoy a drink at the bar or just relax. All meals can be served inside or outside (al fresco).

She has nine very comfortable and luxurious cabins with plenty of storage. The front sun deck offers a hot tub and plenty of space to sunbathe, read a book, take pictures, or just enjoy the journey to the next island.


  • Built in: Camper & Nicholson: Southampton, England
  • L.O.A.: 44 mts (145 feet)
  • Beam: 7 mts (22.1 feet)
  • Speed: cruise speed 12 knots
  • Life rafts: 2 for 16 passengers each
  • Crew: 10 & 1 cruise director
  • Guides: 2 naturalists

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8-days Galapagos Itinerary “Following in Darwin’s Footsteps”

  • SAT Am Baltra Island – Arrival in Baltra airport and transfer to the boat
    Pm Santa Cruz Island: Whaler Bay & Eden Islet
  • SUN Am Santa Fe Island
    Pm South Plaza Island
  • MON Am Genovesa Island: Prince Phillip´s Steps
    Pm Genovesa Island: Darwin Bay
  • TUE Am Fernandina Island: Espinosa Point
    Pm Isabela Island: Urbina Bay
  • WED Am Isabela Island: Tagus Cove
    Pm Isabela Island: Vicente Roca Point or Albemarle Point
  • THU Am Santiago Island: Espumilla beach or Buccaneer´s Cove
    Pm Santiago Island: James Bay
  • FRI Am Santa Cruz Island: Charles Darwin Station
    Pm Santa Cruz Island: Pitt Craters & Highlands
  • SAT Am San Cristobal Island: Interpretation Center
    Pm San Cristobal Airport

8-days Galapagos Itinerary “Beyond Darwin’s Footsteps”

  • SAT Am San Cristobal Island – Arrival to airport where your trip will begin
    Pm San Cristobal Island: Lobos Island & Kicker Rock
  • SUN Am Espanola Island: Suarez Point
    Pm Espanola Island: Gardner Bay
  • MON Am Floreana Island: Post Office Bay & Asylum of Peace
    Pm Floreana Island: Cormorant Point & Champion Islet
  • TUE Am Santa Cruz Island: Dragon Hill
    Pm Santa Cruz Island: Charles Darwin Station
  • WED Am Santa Cruz Island: Bachas Beach
    Pm Chinese Hat Islet
  • THU Am Rabida Island
    Pm Santiago Island: Sullivan Bay
  • FRI Am Bartholomew Island. Pinnacle Rock & Overlook
    Pm North Seymour Island
  • SAT Am Mosquera Islet
    Baltra Airport

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