Santa Cruz II

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Conceived for operations in remote areas, our state-of-the-art expedition vessel evinces the perfect infrastructure for Galápagos exploration. Carrying its crew’s heritage of decades of experience working in the islands and just over 70 meters long, the generous, five-deck craft holds 50 cabins for 90 guests and features ample, luxury-sized social areas indoors and out that allow guests to make the most of their Galápagos cruise experience.


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From top to bottom, the Santa Cruz II features ample, indulgent spaces. Modern, generous social areas laid out with choice contemporary materials feature prominently on four of its five decks. With an intelligent layout, including wide hallways and broad stairwells, guests will immediately know their way around.


From dining areas indoors and out, the fitness room and Jacuzzis to the elegant bar and lounge, not to forget the well-stocked library, the ship is designed to please with sophisticated simplicity. Luxury ratios of crew and guides to passengers guarantee quality individual attention.


A glass bottom boat gives guests a fantastic alternative to snorkeling. Pangas (dinghies) and kayaks take explorers to shores and along the spectacular volcanic coasts. And after dark, Naturalists will delight guests by opening up the special ecuatorial skies, famous for showing constellations from both hemispheres.



  • Built in: 2002
  • Refurbished in: 2015
  • Gross tonnage: 2664
  • Length: 71.8 mts (235 feet)
  • Beam: 13.4 mts (43 feet)
  • Speed: cruise speed 10.5 knots
  • Life Jackets: In each cabin
  • Life Rafts: 14 (27 passengers each)
  • Landing Boats: 6
  • Crew: 50
  • Guides: 8 (Includes Expedition Leader)
  • Guest-Crew Ratio: 3 to 2
  • Medical Officer: Permanently on board

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5-days Galapagos Itinerary – Eastern Islands

  • SAT

AM        Arrival at San Cristóbal airport

PM         San Cristóbal: Punta Pitt: walk, panga ride

  • SUN

AM        Santa Fe: Walk, snorkeling, panga ride and glass bottom boat

PM         South Plaza: Walk

  • MON

AM        Santa Cruz: Charles Darwin Research Station: walk

PM         Santa Cruz: multisport and other activities available such as: sea kayak, hikes, mountain bike, experience                      sustainable agriculture

  • TUE

AM        Española: Punta Suárez: walk

PM         Española: Gardner Bay: walk, snorkelling, swimming

  • WED

AM        Transfer out to Baltra airport


5-days Galapagos Itinerary – Nothern Islands

  • MON

AM        Arrival at Baltra airport

PM         Santa Cruz: Las Bachas: walk. Welcome cocktail, lecture and dinner

  • TUE

AM        Santiago: Buccaneer Cove: Walk, snorkelling, panga ride

PM         Santiago: Puerto Egas: Walk, snorkeling

  • WED

AM        Rábida: panga ride, walk, snorkelling, glass bottom boat ride

PM         Bartolomé: walk, snorkelling, glass bottom boat ride, and panga ride

  • THU

AM        Genovesa: Prince Phillip Steps: walk, panga ride

PM         Genovesa: Darwin Bay: walk, snorkelling, swimming

  • FRI

AM        San Cristobal: Cerro Colorado Breeding Centre / San Cristóbal Airport


6-days Galapagos Itinerary – Western Islands

  • WED

AM        Baltra airport

PM         North Seymour: walk; welcome introductory briefing, boat drill

  • THU

AM        Isabela: Punta Vicente Roca: panga ride, snorkeling

PM         Fernandina: Punta Espinoza: walk

  • FRI

AM        Isabela: Tagus Cove: Walk,snorkelling, panga ride

PM         Isabela: Urbina Bay: walk, snorkeling

  • SAT

AM        Santa Cruz: Charles Darwin Research Station: walk

PM         Santa Cruz: Multisport activities available: biking, hikes, kayaking

  • SUN

AM        Floreana: Post Office Bay: Walk, snorkeling

PM         Floreana: Champion Islet & Punta Cormorant: Walk, snorkelling, panga ride and glass bottom boat.

  • MON

AM        Baltra: Transfer out to the airport


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