Patricia Sullivan – Chicago, IL.

After completing several hours of research regarding destination management companies throughout Ecuador, we chose Latin Frontiers for several reasons.

One of the most important reasons was due to Nicole! She responded immediately by telephone after my initial first call, several months before making definite decisions regarding travel dates and exact destinations to visit in Ecuador. She was very patient with me, and didn’t try to ‘sell’ us anything until we were ready. She answered every question we had and allowed us to make the all the decisions in regards to exactly what we wanted to see and visit. She also explained the pricing in detail. After researching Ecuador as to what we wanted to visit, and relaying that information to Nicole, she responded immediately with a comprehensive outline and itinerary for our wants & needs!

Latin Frontiers exceeded all of our expectations throughout this planning process. Including excellent value for the price. Compared to Metropolitan Tours, Latin Frontiers exceeds all other companies offering comparable tours in Ecuador. Latin Frontiers is an excellent company. – April, 2014

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