The Devil’s Nose train


In 1902, the Ecuadorian government finished a railroad around a mountain known as “The Condor´s Nest”. The trajectory was a challenging project and has been called the most difficult railway construction in the world, which gave him its name ´The Devil´s Nose´. Even though Ecuador has several train routes, the Devil´s Nose (after it’s renovation in 2011) is definitely the most popular and one of Ecuador´s major tourist attractions.

The Devil´s Nose is a  three-hour route that connects the villages of Alausí and Sibambe and it is a great opportunity to enjoy Ecuador from a different perspective, you will comfortably and safely enjoy an isolated part of the impressive Andes Mountains.

Part of the spectacular landscape are rock slopes, valleys, villages and the oldest chapel of Ecuador: “Balbanera Chapel”. But the train ride does not only offer breath-taking landscapes; at the train station traditional Andean dances are performed and you have the opportunity to visit the ´Puñuna Condor´ information centre.

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