It’s time for whale watching!


Last week a special period started in Ecuador: the whale watching season. Every year, from June to October, humpback whales migrate from the Antarctic to the warmer waters of Ecuador and Colombia. They come here to breed and to deliver their calves, which are not yet able to live in cold waters.

Humpback whales have a length of 12 to 15 meters and weigh 30 tons. Despite their size, they are perceived as the most acrobatic of the bigger whale species. They are especially active in the breading season, in which males “sing”to attract females.

Watching humpback wales is a spectacular experience that makes you aware of the magic of Mother Earth. Their large bodies jumping out of the water is as memorable as seeing the calves and their mothers swimming side-to-side.

Puerto Lopez is a one of the best locations in Ecuador to do a whale watching tour. You can take a tour to Isla de la Plata; an island that is inhabited by similar species as the Galápagos Islands, that is why it is often called “Baby Galapagos”. On your way to the island you will have the once-in-a-life-time opportunity to see whales in their natural habitat during the mating season.


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