Quito 37 years World Heritage site

Last week it has been 37 years since the historical center of Quito was declared as Cultural Heritage site of humanity by UNESCO. Quito celebrates this anniversary with many events, such as screening the documentary ´Somos Quito´ (we are Quito) on Plaza de Santo Domingo, one of the main squares in town.

San Francisco de Quito, the city´s official name, is the capital of Ecuador and located at an altitude of 2,850 meter above sea level. The city was founded in the 16th century after the Spanish destroyed the previous city that was built op by the Incas. The Spanish influence is clearly present in the historical part of the city, and many buildings are built in the ´Baroque school of Quito´ style. The church ´La Compañia´ (the company) is probably the richest church of South America; its golden interior takes away the breath of any person that enters the sanctuary.

The center of Quito is the best preserved and largest historical center in South America. It is a popular area, both for locals and tourists alike. The vibrating street ´La Ronda´ is the perfect place to eat empanadas, dance salsa and buy artisanal products. If you want to have a more elegant lunch or dinner you can visit the beautifully decorated restaurants on Plaza Grande. Or you can just wander around and admire the architecture, such as that of the great ´Basilica´ cathedral.

Quito has a rich history and great gastronomy. It is a modern city with a great colonial center; one that UNESCO considers a special place for mankind. Quito truly has something for everyone.

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