Cotopaxi National Park reopend!

After being closed for nearly 5 months, the famous Cotopaxi National Park is open to visitors again!

The ecological reserve of Cotopaxi Park is host to a large variety of flora and fauna, big pine forests, mountains, magnificent lakes and breathtaking views. The centerpiece of the park is the impressive Cotopaxi volcano, one of the highest in the world, which rises up in the landscape.

The volcano close to Ecuador`s capital Quito has always been active, with small activity taking place every few years. However, in April this year, the level of activity increased in the 6,000 meter (19,685 ft) high volcano, so people worried about an eruption.The last major eruption happened in 1907, and in August this year, when the level of activity was still high, the Ecuadorian authorities decided to close the park as a precaution.

Now, a few months later, with activity reported as stabilized by experts, the national park has opened its doors again, as long as strict guidelines are followed. It is safe to visit the beautiful protected park, but it is prohibited for visitors to climb the volcano itself.

Join us on one of our tours and include a visit to the beautiful park. Especially now, to see nature at its most impressive. The small ash emissions and steaming that still takes place from the volcano, makes it an even more spectacular experience!

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