The experience of Neil Wilson


“We (two couples, all seniors) booked a five week tour; four weeks in Ecuador and one week in Peru. The trip went off mostly without a glitch. We did have one bit of miss-information in the Amazon part of the tour but it worked out fine in the end. This is incredible considering the amount of times we had to fly from one place to another! We visited all of the different climate and cultural areas in Ecuador and mostly Inca ruins in Peru to include Machu Picchu. The Latin Frontier staff in Ecuador and The Cultur staff (contracted by Latin Frontiers) in Peru were all very professional, pleasant and Knowledgeable. Our Trip was a real success!”

“Ruben was our guide for most of our trip. He is a great person and personality. If you book with Latin Frontiers I would definitely try to get his services. He has a great sense of humor and took care of us seniors very well. He introduced us to many of the traditional foods and ethnic soups (including the Easter Fanesca soup), cuy, many different ceviches, and so on. It seemed he had a favorite restaurant in each town we went to.”

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