The experience of Debby Rader

“It was an absolutely amazingly glorious trip! Best vacation I’ve ever taken! Everyone I worked with at Latin Frontiers was fantastic: in planning the trip from Quito to Cuenca Henrik seemed to know exactly what type of activities I would want to do and came up with the perfect itinerary, Ruben was a great guide—from finding good places to eat, dirt roads to take so we wouldn’t travel the same route twice, always agreeable to stopping whenever I wanted to take a photo or get coffee and also suggesting places to stop: a good spot for a photo, an Andean rodeo, a restroom break…And I appreciated the fact that I had Marcello’s phone number—he called me several times to check on me or give me an update on a schedule change (e.g., when I had to change my flight from the US to Quito).”

“The trip from Quito to Cuenca was the perfect mix of current culture, historical Ecuador, and the scenic beauty of Ecuador. And I was incredibly lucky that my tour of the Galapagos was changed to a cruise on the Coral I: I loved (almost) everything about the cruise—the ship, the crew, the itinerary, my fellow travelers…”

“Juan, Juan Carlos, and Ruben were all very knowledgeable, friendly, personable, their English fantastic… Even Juan, who only gave me rides to or from the airport, made them enjoyable by giving me a “city tour” on the way, talking about things we were driving by. The four of us loved the tour we did with Juan Carlos to Otavalo, etc. (I think we got him back to Quito much later than expected—which I still feel guilty about–but he never complained).”


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