The experience of Steven Klein

“From our first interactions with Inge Kremer, our sales coordinator, to our tour guides in Quito and then on the Galapagos Islands, everything went smoothly. Inge was able to incorporate our individualized requests for an active vacation. At every port or hotel pickup, there was always someone waiting to meet us. We always felt like someone was watching over us, insuring that we would have a marvelous experience, and we did! It was one of the most memorable vacations we have ever had. Except for the hotel near the Quito airport, we would highly recommend all of the hotels we stayed in. Our informational guides were superb; one better than the next. They all spoke English well, had a tremendous fund of knowledge about the fauna and flora and the geology of the islands. It added to our enjoyment immensely. It was exactly what we were looking for when we booked the trip. Jimmy and Fabrizio, our guides on Santa Cruz, near the end of our tour, even took us to their home for the best home cooked meal of the trip. Of course, our observations and interactions with the animals of the Galapagos was the highlight of our vacation. Fantastic job to you all. We thank you for a job well done!”

Steven Klein, traveled to the Galápagos Islands in February 2016

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