Tren Crucero – A Sumptuous Journey through Ecuador


Last week Marcelo and Nadine from the operations team of Latin Frontiers visited the ‘Tren Crucero’: a luxury train that brings you from Otavalo in the north to Guayaquil in the south (or the other way around), crossing the Ecuadorian Avenue of Volcanoes in four days. Besides a comfortable way of traveling, the Tren Crucero offers you stunning views on the Andean Mountains, interesting excursions, great food and overnight stays in excellent accommodation. If you are looking for a luxurious way to discover the Ecuadorian Andes, the Tren Crucero might exactly be the thing for you.


The comfortable interior is perhaps best likened to a warm bath, as it instantaneously gives you a feeling of a snug yet elegant repose. The comfortable chairs and sofas, the delicious food and the friendly staff; everything is in its place. Each carriage is decorated in its own style, from colonial to new-age design. While every carriage can boast plenty of windowed surface, the lounge carriage and the balcony are only a few steps away, offering a panoramic view of the Andes.


But the Tren Crucero is not only about sitting in the beautiful carriages and enjoying the landscape. The itinerary includes a multitude of activities, from hiking through an Andean forest and hearing the stories of the last `iceman´ in Riobamba, to discovering the colorful culture of the people from Otavalo. The Tren Crucero allow the traveler to discover many of Ecuador´s treasures.

This train experience takes four days and during the trip you will spend the nights in quality hotels, primarily elegant haciendas from the colonial times, such has Hostería Abraspungo in Riobamba. Ending in Guayaquil or Quito, you can combine the train trip perfectly with a tour to the Galapagos Islands or the Amazon Rainforest.


If you are looking for a Tren Crucero experience in a nutshell, one of the shorter expeditions might be the option for you. All over the country train routes will show you the best of the country, lasting from two hours to a full day. With these expedition trains you can explore the impressive cliffs of the Nariz del Diablo, get to know the Afro-Ecuadorian culture in the north, taste cacao in the coastal area, and much more. These shorter versions of the Tren Crucero can perfectly align with your travel wishes, such as spending the night in a colonial hacienda at the slopes of the Cotopaxi or continue your travels to Baños.

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