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Ecuador Amazon Rainforest

Occupying about 45% of the national territory of Ecuador, the Amazon region is the largest of the 3 main regions of this country, and it is considered one of the largest ecologies of the world. The amazon ecosystem, particularly its tropical rain forest, is one of the richest and most complex communities of plants and animal life in the world. The region is characterized by a huge and diverse amount of flora and fauna, with extraordinary variations in their habitats and micro habitats. Exploring the magic of the Amazon by foot or canoe will allow travelers to discover countless species of birds, reptiles, monkeys, insects and sweet water dolphins, and give the opportunity to visit the indigenous communities which have inhabited these lands for over 10,000 years.


Latin Frontier’s Amazon tours promise the best way for you to explore the Ecuadorian Amazon jungle, and ensure that the journey will be an unforgettable experience. Scientists around the world consider the Amazon rain forest one of the twentyfive “Hot Spots” on the planet, that must be preserved for the earth´s survival. We let you explore the Amazon rainforests in a remarkably exciting yet secure way, and ensure that you have numerous stories worth writing home about!

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