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Ecuador Andean & Highlands

The Andes is a mountain range full of green valleys and majestic mountains. They cross the country from North to South, which provides visitors wonderful sights of volcanoes, valleys, rivers and lakes. The magic of this region allows the visitor to enjoy traditional and colorful Indian markets such as Otavalo, known worldwide for its crafts and beautiful textiles.


Without doubt, one of the biggest attractions of the region are the snow-covered peaks and volcanoes such as the Cotopaxi, which is refuge to countless Andean animals. Throughout the area, there are beautiful haciendas, many of which offer accommodations for travelers to enjoy great comfort while exploring the surroundings.


Other important tourist attractions of the region are the colonial cities, full of history, art and tradition. Cities such as Quito and Cuenca have been declared Cultural Patrimonies of Humanity by Unesco. In both cities, you can walk the cobblestone streets; admire historic churches, convents, plazas, historic monuments and beautiful colonial arquitecture. Last but not least, you can enjoy the warmth of its people.

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