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Coastal Ecuador

Along the coastal Ecuador line you will find beaches painted with palm trees and gigantic cliffs, green forests of Mangle or the dry tropical forests. Contact us to start planning the perfect holiday based on your interests and budget.

All along the Ecuadorian coast you find exotic beaches, charming fishing towns and arqueological sites, all filled with abundant animal life. Enjoy beautiful beaches like Los Frailes, as well as the Machalilla National Park, where you can find Isla de La Plata -also described as the mini Galapagos-, a beautiful natural sanctuary full of wildlife. Between the months of June and September, you will be able to see whales as they come to the warm waters of Ecuador during their time of reproduction.

The coast supports three main types of ecosystems; the northern tropical rainforest, the central and southwestern tropical savannas, and the dry forest on the western and southern peninsula strip. Along the coast are two additional ecosystems, especially noted for their plant and animal communities: the inlets of mangrove forest and the tidal areas. The beaches and steep cliffs found here are renowned for their dramatic landscapes.

Guayaquil, Puerto Bolivar, Manta and Esmeraldas are the ports along more than 1,860 miles of coast and beaches. It is an excellent area for fishing and water sports like surfing, jet skiing, snorkeling, windsurfing, fishing and scuba diving.

Amazon & Coastal Ecuador – 12 Days

Ecuador Amazon Ecuador Coastal

Cultural Relax Wildlife

A great itinerary for those who want to visit the amazing Amazon rainforest and enjoy the beaches and coastal region of the country.


Andean & Coastal Ecuador – 12 Days

Ecuador Andes Ecuador Coastal

Cultural Multisport Relax

Visit the highlands of Ecuador, home of volcanoes, Indian markets, colonial cities and relax on our beautiful beaches.


The Best of Ecuador – 15 Days

Ecuador Amazon Ecuador Andes Ecuador Coastal Galapagos


Visit all the regions of the country and learn why Ecuador is described as the country of the 4 worlds due to its diversity and uniqueness.


The Best of Mainland – 15 Days

Ecuador Amazon Ecuador Andes Ecuador Coastal

Cultural Relax Wildlife

Explore the three distinctively different mayor areas of the mainland portion of Ecuador in a unique and exciting trip.


The Taste of Ecuador – 11 Days

Ecuador Andes Ecuador Coastal Galapagos

Cultural Luxury Relax Wildlife

Admire the two most beautiful, colonial cities in Ecuador, explore Cotopaxi, and Otavalo. Visit Guayaquil and fly to the Galapagos in a complete tour of Ecuador.


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