The best retirement destinations in Ecuador

The best retirement destinations in Ecuador

Over the last years, International Living voted Ecuador as being the best retirement destination in the world.

In Ecuador you can live comfortably for a small budget while being surrounded by amazing nature and historical architecture. One of the most special things about the country is its diversity; whether you are looking for a vibrant city, a beach town or a hacienda in a rural area, here you find it all. In this blog we describe the best locations in Ecuador to retire.

locations in Ecuador for retirement


The capital of Ecuador is located in the north of the country at an altitude of 9,350 feet, and is home to 2.2 million people. If you like to live in a vibrant city with a spring like temperature all year long, Quito might be the place for you. The historical part of Quito is on the UNESCO heritage list since 1978 and perfect to wander around on Saturdays. In the modern center of the city you will find nice bars and good restaurants. The city is characterized by its many parks, markets and `plazas´, but unfortunately also by its traffic jams. If you want to be close to all this, but not in the middle, you can settle down in one of the valleys located east from Quito. Here you will find a warmer climate, more space and beautiful plots to build your dream house.



If you are searching for something smaller but with equally good (health) services, you should explore Cotacachi. This village is located at a two-hour drive north from Quito in the beautiful green province of Imbabura, famous for its music and crafts. It is a popular place for expats to settle, and among the 44,000 inhabitants you will find an active expat community. Many move here for the healthy lifestyle: the combination of fresh mountain air, lots of walking and cheap healthy food is all you need for a healthy life.


locations in Ecuador for retirement


Among North Americans, Cuenca is probably the most popular Ecuadorian city to retire. It is hard not to fall in love with this city filled with culture, good restaurants and beautiful colonial buildings. Cuenca is the perfect city for culture lovers who do not want to live in a real metropolitan. Approx. 580,000 people inhabit this city, located in the southern Andean Mountains at an altitude of 8,300 feet. It has a mountain climate, with cold nights and sunny days.



Retiring in Ecuador

About three hours south from Cuenca, not far from the Peruvian border, you find Vilcabamba Valley. This area, also called the `Sacred Valley´, offers you an amazing combination of tranquility, beautiful nature and a warm climate. Real estate in this area is still affordable and the inhabitants, only 4,500 in the entire valley, are welcoming people. In Vilcabamba you will live surrounded by green hills, fruit trees and rivers with crystal clear water at a perfect altitude of 5,000 feet.


locations in Ecuador for retirement


The Ecuadorian coast is still relatively undiscovered. Salinas, however, is one of the most favorite coastal destinations for Ecuadorians and a popular expat destination. The town is located only two hours from Ecuador´s largest city, Guayaquil, and its international airport. This area of the country has its warmest season from December to April and here you find many beautiful beaches and charming villages. Salinas, with about 50,000 inhabitants, is a small town but has the same conveniences to offer as a big city: good restaurants, bars, supermarkets and, not to forget, a beautiful white sand beach.


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