Holy Week in Ecuador

Holy Week in Ecuador

Holy Week in Ecuador, also known as Greater Week, is a time of meditation and the religious commemoration of the life, passion, death, and resurrection of Christ, which is celebrated annually between the months of March and the beginning of April of each year.

holy week in ecuador


In each region or area, it is celebrated in a diverse and colourful way. It is remembered through various activities, masses, processions, living Stations of the Cross, among other Christian rites, which bring together thousands of religious believers to commemorate the events by those who recognize Jesus Christ as the saviour of humanity and son of God.


Procesion in Quito during Jueves Santo


The most spectacular thing during Holy Week is the procession of Jesus (Jesus of the Great Power) in Quito. Around 250,000 people gather in the streets to watch this magnificent parade and witness the mysterious devotion of this very important date.


Palm Sunday in Cuenca


The celebrations also take place in Guayaquil with the procession of “Cristo del Consuelo”. In Cuenca, where the festival begins on Palm Sunday, starts hen with a visit to the seven churches on Holy Thursday, followed by the procession of the “Passion of Christ” on Good Friday.




How is Holy Week celebrated in Ecuador?

holy week in ecuador


Holy Week in Ecuador has been celebrated with great devotion for several centuries and has very particular customary traditions. In some Ecuadorian regions, the streets are usually adorned with purple, which is also used in the costumes of those attending the religious procession who wish to pay a promise of a favour granted by providence.


typical dish during Holy Week in Ecuador


Like most holidays in Ecuador – and Latin America, Easter has an important connection with food. A traditional meal for this week of the year, is the Fanesca, a typical dish consisting of a soup with dried cod and 12 different types of grains (the fish is said to represent Jesus and the 12 grains to the disciples). Also, for these holy days, empanadas, fried ripe banana and mashed potatoes are prepared, all these dishes keep believers away from the consumption of meat during Holy Week.



To truly experience the culture and diversification of Holy Week in Ecuador, come on vacation, and enjoy the wonderful hospitality of its people. Enjoy and be part of these traditions, live one of the many celebrations that make this country unique and wonderful.

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