Amazon Rainforest Promotion at Napo Wildlife Center

Check out our Amazon Rainforest promotion and explore the diverse jungle at the unique Napo Wildlife Center! The Napo Wildlife Centre is a luxury eco-lodge boasting an amazing location inside Yasuni National Park, the most biodiverse ecosystem on the planet, and a protected UNESCO biosphere site.

In just one Yasuni hectare, one can find more species of organisms than in the entire European continent! The national park is home to a third of all Amazonian mammals, including a staggering 60% of all New World wild cats, 106 reptiles, and 610 species of bird; as well as more than 4000 species of plants.

Fall in love with the Amazon Rainforest during your stay at Napo Wildlife Center! Join our long list of happy clients – contact our experts today for a free quote.

amazon rainforest promotion
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