Northern Argentina and Chile Tour -19 Days

Northern Argentina and Chile tour: the best way to explore this two countries

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Nothern Argentina and Chile Tour -19 Days

Looking to discover the best of Chile and Argentina in one unforgettable experience? Our Northern Argentina and Chile tour is a trip to the heart of the Andean puna and the mythical Easter Island. Explore the lesser known region of Salta, Purmamarca and Cafayate, visit both capital cities, Buenos Aires and Santiago de Chile, and let yourself be amazed by Easter Island. Leaving Argentina, see the best of San Pedro de Atacama, a small town in the driest desert of the world: The Moon Valley, Salt Mountain Range, El Tatio Geyser, sand dunes, thermal waters and a totally clear sky full of stars.

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Duration: 19 Days
Departure: Daily
Hotels: First Class Accommodation

Highlights: Buenos Aires – Salta – Cafayate – Purmamarca – San Pedro de Atacama – Isla de Pascua – Santiago de Chile


Day 1 - Transfer in Buenos Aires

Arrival at the Argentine Airport in Ezeiza. Reception and private car transfer with the assistance of a guide to the booked hotel, check-in and accommodation.

Accommodation: Grand Brizo Buenos Aires

Day 2 - Buenos Aires city tour

Breakfast at hotel. In the morning, CITY TOUR along 9 de Julio Avenue to see the Obelisk and the Colón Theatre and then we will drive to Plaza de Mayo, a popular meeting point for Argentinians.

We will visit the Cathedral of Buenos Aires and we will take a look at Casa Rosada, the official workplace of Argentine President. Then, our tour will go on to visit San Telmo neighbourhood, a place where art is in every corner and home to tango. Then, we will head to La Boca neighbourhood, passing by the Lezama Park and the football stadium of the Argentine soccer team Boca Juniors, the Bombonera. After that, we will visit Caminito Street, where we will stop. This is where immigrants built the first houses and buildings of the city and Caminito Street hosts colourful houses and street artists, painters, writers and tango dancers who are always smiling and ready for pictures. After that, the tour will head north and drive along Puerto Madero and Retiro neighbourhoods, the city financial centre, until we get to Palermo, a neighbourhood that combines a residential area with beautiful parks and gardens. We will see the Planetarium, the Japanese Garden and the Zoo. Lastly, we will visit Recoleta neighbourhood, renowned for the exclusive Alvear Avenue along which the most famous brands of the world choose to open their stores. This area is also filled with parks and hosts the Recoleta cemetery, one of the world’s most extraordinary graveyards, holding among others, the remains of actress-turned-First Lady Eva Perón (also known as Evita). The tour ends at passengers’ hotel.

In the evening, transfer to Café de los Angelitos for dinner and Tango Show. Café de los Angelitos is a historical and traditional café in Buenos Aires offering an intimate dinner with exquisite dishes while enjoying an elegant tango show. At the end, hotel drop-off.

Accommodation: Grand Brizo Buenos Aires (Breakfast)

Day 3 - Transfer to Salta

Breakfast at hotel. At the scheduled time, transfer to the Airport to take the flight to Salta. Arrival and transfer to the booked hotel, check-in and accommodation.

The city tour around Salta, La Linda (“the beautiful city”) is taken in the afternoon to visit the landmarks of the city: the Cathedral of 1855, hosting the remains of General Güemes, the renowned Saltanean military leader; Centro Cultural de las Américas, Museo Histórico del Norte (Cabildo, city hall during colonial days) with art exhibitions and rooms exclusively dedicated to traditional Saltanean families, San Francisco Church, San Bernardo Convent of the Order of the Carmelites, General Güemes Monument, ride up Cerro San Bernardo and a wide-reaching view of the city, Batalla de Salta Monument and 20 de Febrero Park. Then, visit to the summer village of San Lorenzo with its beautiful houses and the Crafts Market where artisans of the whole province come offer their products. A full tour around the city. Return to the hotel.

Accommodation: Alejandro I (Breakfast)

Day 4 - Salta to Cachi

Breakfast at hotel. Salta’s emblematic tour starts early in the morning: THE CALCHAQUÍES VALLEYS. We will begin the tour across the Lerma Valley heading to the village of Carril, and then we will pass through Chicoana and see the Laureles Gorge and then the Escoipe Gorge. Finally, we will get to Maray, the entrance point to the Cuesta del Obispo (Bishop’s Slope), a road with lots of bends that gives visitors a panoramic view of the Enchanted Valley and small houses with corn and fruit crops. The highest point is Piedra del Molino at 3,384 m.a.s.l. (10,985 ft.). After that, we will drive through Los Cardones National Park along the Tin-Tin straight line, former road of the Inca’s Path. We will arrive in the city of Cachi by mid-day.

Accommodation: La Merced del Alto  (Breakfast)

DAY 5 - Cachi to Cafayate

Breakfast at hotel. After we will continue our way along the mythical Route 40 to enjoy the sights of mountains and little charming villages by the Calchaquí river. We will visit historical towns like Seclantás, Molinos and Angastaco. Then, we will drive across Las Flechas Gorge, San Carlos and Animaná villages to arrive in Cafayate.

Accommodation: Viñas de Cafayate (Breakfast)

DAY 6 - Cafayate to Salta

Breakfast at hotel. In the morning, we will visit handcraft and industrial wineries and taste internationally renowned and award-winning wines. After lunch (not included, on the passenger), we will head back to Salta city passing through the Conchas Gorge, a stunning landscape that will be the perfect closure to the famous Calchaquíes Valleys tour.

Accommodation: Alejandro I (Breakfast)

DAY 7 - Salta to Purmamarca

Breakfast at hotel. Another tour not to be missed of the Northern Argentina starts very early in the morning: THE TOUR OF THE HEIGHTS AND THE GREAT SALT FLATS. We will leave Salta city and start our trip alongside the rails of the Train to the Clouds through the Toro Gorge. We will stop at Santa Rosa de Tastil, a pre-Inca town and one of the most important ruins in the region. Then, we will continue upwards until we reach 4,080 m.a.s.l. (13,385 ft.). Arrival in San Antonio de los Cobres where we will have some time off for lunch (not included, on the passenger). We will then continue our trip along Route 40 to the Salinas Grandes (Great Salt Flats), just on the borderline between the provinces of Salta and Jujuy. Next, we will drive down along Cuesta de Lipán (Lipán Slope) where visitors may watch condors at 3,358 m.a.s.l. (10,985 ft.). After a run that offers some of the most outstanding landscapes of the Puna we will arrive in Purmamarca town to explore the Cerro de los Siete Colores, 7 Colors Hill. Visitors will have time to walk around the artisans square and then we will head to the hotel in Purmamarca.

Accommodation: La Comarca (Breakfast)

DAY 8 - Purmamarca

Breakfast at hotel. The tour to QUEBRADA DE HUMAHUACA (HUMAHUACA GORGE) starts in the morning and we will begin by passing though one of the UNESCO-designated World Heritage natural sites. From Purmamarca through Posta de Hornillos and continuing to Tilcara town. The trip continues to the North to the town of Huacalera, which is crossed by the Tropic of Capricorn, signposted at the side of the road. From this point, visitors can enjoy the multiple colors of a hill called Pollera de la Colla (Skirt of the Colla). Visit to the Uquía Chapel hosting the Arcabuceros Angels paintings (remarkable remains of the Cusco School). Arrival in Humahuaca to see the great Cathedral and the Independence Monument (The Indian) sculpted by Soto Avendaño. We will have time for lunch (not included, on the passenger) and to visit the artisans’ fair. After that, we will return along the same road with breathtaking sights of the mountains beautifully lit by sunlight, including the so-called Paleta del Pintor (Painter’s Palette), the perfect setting for Maimará village.

Accommodation: La Comarca (Breakfast)

DAY 9 - Transfer to San Pedro de Atacama

Breakfast at hotel. As scheduled, transfer service to San Pedro de Atacama. Arrival to the booked hotel, check-in and accommodation.

Accommodation: Hotel Altiplanico Atacama

Day 10 - San Pedro de Atacama

Breakfast at hotel. The Tour to VALLE DE LA LUNA (moon valley) starts as scheduled. This is an interesting area with rocky and sandy formations designated as Nature Sanctuary. It belongs to Los Flamencos National Reserve and is located within the Salt Mountain range 13 km (8 mi) to the west of San Pedro de Atacama. This site looks similar to the surface of the moon, hence the name. There is no life or humidity in this valley, thus, this is the most inhospitable place on earth. Sunsets are not to be missed, they are incredible. As the sun goes down, the edges of the mountains get a pastel shade while the wind blows between the rocks and the sky turning the landscape first purple and then black. This is one of the main attractions of San Pedro de Atacama, visited by hundreds of tourists every year who are amazed at the unique beauty and singularity of this place. Return to the hotel.

Accommodation: Hotel Altiplanico Atacama (Breakfast)

Day 11 - San Pedro de Atacama

The Tatio Geysers Tour starts before dawn. We will explore the highest geothermal ponds at 4,300 m.a.s.l. (14,100 ft.a.s.l.) in the Andes Mountains. We will see steam rising all around up to 50 m (164 ft.) high with the stunning beauty of the Andes of multiple colours and varied wildlife, including vicunas, South American camelids with their elegant walk and adapted to extreme climate and geographical conditions. The geothermal fields come from the magma of the earth’s interior: melt water flows down the Andes and filters into cracks of the crust getting to deep and hot layers until water comes into contact with the magma causing spewing streams of hot water and gas. As we return we will admire the stunning landscape with mountains and volcanoes rising above 5,500 m.a.s.l. (18,000 ft.a.s.l.) and superabundant bird life by the small rivers that go down all the way to the great Atacama Salt Field. Breakfast is included. Return to the hotel for accommodation.

Accommodation: Hotel Altiplanico Atacama (Breakfast)

Day 12 - San Pedro de Atacama

Breakfast at hotel. The Atacama Salt Field, Altiplanic lagoons and Toconao Tour starts with a pickup in the morning and a ride across a high plateau to the Atacama Great Salt Field, where the surface is white and rough with shallow lagoons home to flamingos and their nests. Geological studies have shown that this salt field is the most important lithium reserve of the planet accounting for 40% of the total lithium worldwide. There are little settlements growing by small water flows and Toconao is one of the most picturesque of these where visitors get surprised by the houses made of local liparite stone. Visitors also visit the ancient church of the town and can walk around the streets and meet the locals who dedicate mostly to the knitting wool crafts. As we leave Toconao behind, we will pass by Chaxa Lagoon, which is part of the Flamingo National Reserve. At 2,300 m.a.s.l. (7,500 ft.a.s.l.), this lagoon offers scenic views of several natural pools with plenty salt crusts with lots of flamingo colonies. Then, the tour visits the beautiful Miscanti and Miñiques Lagoons at 4,500 m.a.s.l. (14,700 ft.a.s.l.). We will admire the colours of the Andes and the unique flora and fauna of this protected area. At this height we will be very close to the mountains and volcanoes, some of which are sacred and have inspired Atacama Desert legends. The next landmark is the Village of Socaire, where locals preserve ancient traditions and grow the “pachamama” using the old system of terraces. Lunch is included (except for beverages).

Accommodation: Hotel Altiplanico Atacama (Breakfast)


Day 13 - Transfer to Santiago de Chile

Breakfast at hotel. At the scheduled time, transfer to the Airport to take the flight to Santiago de Chile. Arrival and transfer to the booked hotel, check-in and accommodation.

Accommodation: Pullman El Bosque (Breakfast)

Day 14 - Transfer to Easter Island

Breakfast at hotel. At the scheduled time, transfer to the Airport to take the flight to Easter Island. Arrival and transfer to the booked hotel, check-in and accommodation.

Accommodation: Altiplanico Rapa Nui

Day 15 - Easter Island

Breakfast at hotel. The tour begins with a pickup from your hotel at 9.30 a.m. to visit ANAKENA. From your hotel in Hanga Roa the tour will take you to explore the north- and south-eastern coasts of the island to visit Ahu Akahanga, consisting of 4 platforms, 12 Moai, 8 pukao. This point offers stunning views of one of the best preserved towns of the island. Then the tour will head to Rano Raraku volcanic crater with hardened volcanic ashes. Rano Raraku is a visual record of moai design and technological innovation where 397 moais are still standing. Here, you will have time for lunch (box lunch included). Ahu tongariki is the most stunning ahu of the island with 15 giant moais. Ahu Te Pito Kura, and the highest statue of an Ahu, the 10 m (33 ft.) high Paro moai which weights 85 tones and a PUKAO of 11.5 tones. It is believed this was the last statue to be pulled down by 1840. Just next to the AHU, there is a big round stone representing the centre of the world (Te Pito o Te Henua), which according to the legend was brought by Hotu Matua ‘a on a ship. Ahu Nau Nau has 5 moai with Pukao and 2 broken moai. There are petroglyphs on the back of moai and on some of the stones at the rear panel. A white coral eye was found during excavations which may be seen in a tiny museum of the island. The tour ends on the Anakena beach, with warm waters and white sands where moais are also erected. Return to the hotel.

Accommodation: Altiplanico Rapa Nui (Breakfast)


Day 16 - Easter Island

Breakfast at hotel. The Orongo Tour departs as scheduled (this tour is available in the morning and in the afternoon). The tour will visit the Ana Kai Tangata Cave. Inside the cave, on one of the panels, there are paintings of stylized birds depicting the Manutara (terns) whose first egg of the year was sought in the birdman competition. Then we will visit the Vinapu area. This is an archaeological site with basalt ceilings that fit perfectly similar to Cuzco Inca buildings. Afterwards, we will see the Rano Kau volcano, with a special view and its large fresh water lagoon and the totora reed growing on it and abundant vegetation and micro fauna. Orongo is the village of the birdman ritual used to designate who would be, together with the king, the spiritual and political leader for a year. This sacred character with a human body and a bird’s beak is sculpted in several engraved stones. Return to the hotel.

The AHU AKIVI Tour departs as scheduled (this tour is available in the morning and in the afternoon). The tour visits Ahu Akivi, one of the few platforms where the moais seem to be looking at the sea, with 7 moais. It is said that these moais represent the 7 explorers sent by King Hotu a Matua before his colonizing trip. After this visit, the tour continues to Uri a Urenga and lastly Puna Pau, small crater with red scoria used to make the Pukao (topknots or crowns for the moais). Return to the hotel.

Accommodation: Altiplanico Rapa Nui (Breakfast)


Day 17 - Transfer to Santiago de Chile

At the scheduled time, transfer to the Airport to take the flight to Santiago de Chile. Arrival and transfer to the booked hotel, check-in and accommodation.

Accommodation: Pullman El Bosque

Day 18 - Santiago de Chile

Breakfast at hotel. The Santiago de Chile with Panoramic View Tour departs as scheduled from the hotel. First, we will visit the old area of the city with the main park of Santiago, the Parade Ground, the point of 0 km and the downtown area of the city, where the first buildings of Santiago were built in colonial times, such as the beautiful city Cathedral that combines neo-Classical and Bavarian styles. Then, we will see the town hall neighbourhood with the ministries and the workplace of the Government, and the Mint, silent witness of the most relevant events of the Republic. To complete the tour, we will visit the old and elegant neighbourhoods where the “high society” used to live, with exquisite architectural styles brought by immigrants mainly from Europe at times of considerable mining activity and for noble families. Then, we will take in a stunning view of the city from the Hill of Santa Lucia or the Metropolitan Park and we will marvel at the mountains surrounding the city. Then, we will head east to find a marked contrast in the architectural style, with a modern and booming city home to bold-style buildings that give this metropolis the latest touch in design. Return to the hotel.

Accommodation: Pullman El Bosque (Breakfast)


Day 19 - Transfer out

Breakfast at hotel. At the scheduled time, transfer to the Airport to take the flight to next destination. (Breakfast)


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