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Wonders of Argentina tour -14 Days

Discover the wonders of Argentina in all its glory on a 14-day tour. Visit Buenos Aires filled with amazing history, then head to Iguazu Falls, a natural wonder of the world. End your tour in Salta in the far North West region, renowned for its amazing natural landscapes, deep gorges, colorful valleys and high plains. Here you will also visit Cafayate, renowned for its famous Malbec wines, and Jujuy, home to Argentine folk music.

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Duration: 14 Days
Departure: Daily
Hotels: First Class Accommodation

Highlights: Buenos Aires – Puerto Iguazú – Cafayate – Salta – Calafate


Day 1 - Transfer in Buenos Aires

Arrival at the Argentine Airport in Ezeiza. Reception and private car transfer with the assistance of a guide to the booked hotel, check-in and accommodation.

Accommodation: Grand Brizo Buenos Aires


Day 2 - Buenos Aires city tour

Breakfast at hotel. In the morning, city tour along 9 de Julio Avenue to see the Obelisk and the Colón Theatre and then we will drive to Plaza de Mayo, a popular meeting point for Argentinians.

We will visit the Cathedral of Buenos Aires and we will take a look at Casa Rosada, the official workplace of Argentine President. Then, our tour will go on to visit San Telmo neighbourhood, a place where art is in every corner and home to tango. Then, we will head to La Boca neighbourhood, passing by the Lezama Park and the football stadium of the Argentine soccer team Boca Juniors, the Bombonera. After that, we will visit Caminito Street, where we will stop. This is where immigrants built the first houses and buildings of the city and Caminito Street hosts colourful houses and street artists, painters, writers and tango dancers who are always smiling and ready for pictures. After that, the tour will head north and drive along Puerto Madero and Retiro neighbourhoods, the city financial centre, until we get to Palermo, a neighbourhood that combines a residential area with beautiful parks and gardens. We will see the Planetarium, the Japanese Garden and the Zoo. Lastly, we will visit Recoleta neighbourhood, renowned for the exclusive Alvear Avenue along which the most famous brands of the world choose to open their stores. This area is also filled with parks and hosts the Recoleta cemetery, one of the world’s most extraordinary graveyards, holding among others, the remains of actress-turned-First Lady Eva Perón (also known as Evita). The tour ends at passengers’ hotel.

Accommodation: Grand Brizo Buenos Aires (Breakfast)


Day 3 - Transfer to Puerto Iguazú

Breakfast at hotel. At the scheduled time, transfer to the Airport to take the flight to Puerto Iguazú. Arrival and transfer to the booked hotel, check-in and accommodation. Then, we will start the Brazilian Iguazú Falls tour, a must-do visit. The Brazilian National Park was founded in 1939 and it was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage natural site in 1986. The Park is 185,000 ha (7,100 square miles) in area and is accessed by das Cataratas Avenue in Foz do Iguazú. From the Visitors Centre, passengers will take a transportation service through the rainforest to the area where they will find lookout points to marvel at the waterfalls. The vehicles used for transportation are prepared to allow visitors to take in the views of the wealth of subtropical vegetation. At the end of the ride, passengers will find the walk trails and the lookout platform to admire San Martín Island and the Falls. This circuit is 1,200 metres (0.8 mi) long and has steps. There is also an elevator to watch the falls from different angles. It takes approximately 3 hours to complete the walk. Then, passengers will return to the city of Puerto Iguazú.

Accommodation: Mercure Iguazú (Breakfast)


Day 4 - Puerto Iguazú

Breakfast at hotel. The Argentinien side of Iguazú Falls tour starts in the morning as we take the National Route No. 12 and drive along 18 km (11 mi). We will reach Iguazú National Park, which hosts the waterfalls, founded in 1934 to protect the Falls and the stupendous Subtropical Rainforests around them, with their typical flora and fauna. This is one of the richest natural regions of Argentina: the Rainforest of the province of Misiones, called Paranaense Rainforest beyond the Argentine border. The Park offers infrastructure to receive visitors at the “Falls Area”. In 2001, path and walk trails were opened to facilitate tourists’ access and protect the environment. Passengers are transported around the Park by a gas-engine train –with minimum environmental impact– now known as the “Ecological Train”. There is no additional cost to take this train and there is a schedule with several services of this train from the Central Station to the Devil’s Gorge (Garganta del Diablo). This trip takes approximately 18 minutes and from the station visitors will walk the path along 1,200 m (0.75 mi) all the way to the spectacular balcony onto the most important fall of the Park: the Devil’s Gorge. Afterwards, visitors will have time for lunch (on the passengers) and to walk along the Lower and Upper Trail Circuits of the Park. Then, we will all return to the Visitors Centre to board our vehicle that will take us back to the hotel. Accommodation.

As scheduled and booked, take the GRAN AVENTURA BOAT TOUR on the Argentinean side of the Falls to find out the difference between being there and experiencing the attraction,  combining the landmarks  of the Park:  the rainforest and the waterfalls. The tour begins aboard super trucks for a ride along 8 km (5 mi) to a pier in the jungle called Puerto Macuco. We will descend to the services and sanitary post and then down to the floating pier to board the boat for the second stage of the tour. We will sail 6 km (4 mi) along the Iguazú Inferior River Canyon heading to the Falls, making our way through the rapids until we reach the falls. We will admire the cascades from the distance just by San Martín Island and then the boat will sail to the base of Salto Tres Mosqueteros; this spot will offer a wonderful view of the Brazilian and Argentine Falls and the Devil’s Gorge at the end of the canyon. The boat then will sail around San Martín Island and get to the most exciting point of the ride facing the edge of the second largest fall of this beautiful system: The San Martin Waterfall, this is the closest a boat can get to the waterfalls. Then, we will disembark right at the end of the Lower Circuit of walk trails in front of San Martín Island. From there, visitors will return on foot along the paths to the Visitors Centre to board the vehicles that will take them back to the hotel.

Accommodation: Mercure Iguazú (Breakfast)


DAY 5 - Transfer to Salta

Breakfast at hotel. At the scheduled time, transfer to the Airport to take the flight to Salta. Arrival and transfer to the booked hotel, check-in and accommodation.

Accommodation: Alejandro I

DAY 6 to 7 - Salta & Cafayate

Day 6:

Breakfast at hotel. Salta’s emblematic tour starts early in the morning: The Calchaquíes Valleys. We will begin the tour across the Lerma Valley heading to the village of Carril, and then we will pass through Chicoana and see the Laureles Gorge and then the Escoipe Gorge. Finally, we will get to Maray, the entrance point to the Cuesta del Obispo (Bishop’s Slope), a road with lots of bends that gives visitors a panoramic view of the Enchanted Valley and small houses with corn and fruit crops. The highest point is Piedra del Molino at 3,384 m.a.s.l. (10,985 ft.). After that, we will drive through Los Cardones National Park along the Tin-Tin straight line, former road of the Inca’s Path. We will arrive in the city of Cachi by mid-day. After lunch (not included, on the passenger), we will continue our way along the mythical Route 40 to enjoy the sights of mountains and little charming villages by the Calchaquí river. We will visit historical towns like Seclantás, Molinos and Angastaco. Then, we will drive across Las Flechas Gorge, San Carlos and Animaná villages to arrive in Cafayate.

Accommodation: Viñas de Cafayate (Breakfast)

Day 7:

Breakfast at hotel. In the morning, we will visit handcraft and industrial wineries and taste internationally renowned and award-winning wines. After lunch (not included, on the passenger), we will head back to Salta city passing through the Conchas Gorge, a stunning landscape that will be the perfect closure to the famous Calchaquíes Valleys tour.

Accommodation: Alejandro I (Breakfast)

DAY 8 to 9 - Salta and Purmamarca


Breakfast at hotel. Another tour not to be missed of the Northern Argentina starts very early in the morning: the tour of the Heights and the Great Salt Flats. We will leave Salta city and start our trip alongside the rails of the Train to the Clouds through the Toro Gorge. We will stop at Santa Rosa de Tastil, a pre-Inca town and one of the most important ruins in the region. Then, we will continue upwards until we reach 4,080 m.a.s.l. (13,385 ft.). Arrival in San Antonio de los Cobres where we will have some time off for lunch (not included, on the passenger). We will then continue our trip along Route 40 to the Salinas Grandes (Great Salt Flats), just on the borderline between the provinces of Salta and Jujuy. Next, we will drive down along Cuesta de Lipán (Lipán Slope) where visitors may watch condors at 3,358 m.a.s.l. (10,985 ft.). After a run that offers some of the most outstanding landscapes of the Puna we will arrive in Purmamarca town to explore the Cerro de los Siete Colores, 7 Colors Hill. Visitors will have time to walk around the artisans square and then we will head to the hotel in Purmamarca.

Accommodation: La Comarca (Breakfast)

Day 9:

Breakfast at hotel. The tour to Quebrada de Humahuaca starts in the morning and we will begin by passing though one of the UNESCO-designated World Heritage natural sites. From Purmamarca through Posta de Hornillos and continuing to Tilcara town. The trip continues to the North to the town of Huacalera, which is crossed by the Tropic of Capricorn, signposted at the side of the road. From this point, visitors can enjoy the multiple colors of a hill called Pollera de la Colla (Skirt of the Colla). Visit to the Uquía Chapel hosting the Arcabuceros Angels paintings (remarkable remains of the Cusco School). Arrival in Humahuaca to see the great Cathedral and the Independence Monument (The Indian) sculpted by Soto Avendaño. We will have time for lunch (not included, on the passenger) and to visit the artisans’ fair. After that, we will return along the same road with breathtaking sights of the mountains beautifully lit by sunlight, including the so-called Paleta del Pintor (Painter’s Palette), the perfect setting for Maimará village. We will then arrive in San Salvador de Jujuy, the capital city of the province of Jujuy, where we will visit the Flag’s Room and the Cathedral with its famous pulpit carved in wood with golden layers and statutes by the famous sculptor Lola Mora. From San Salvador we will return to Salta along the Cornice Road surrounded by abundant subtropical vegetation. We will pass through the Abra de Santa Laura and get to see La Ciénaga Dam, Las Maderas  and  Campo  Alegre.  We  will  also  pass  through  Vaqueros  on  our  way  back  to  the  city  of  Salta.

Accommodation: Alejandro I (Breakfast)

DAY 10 - Transfer to El Calafate

Breakfast at hotel. At the scheduled time, transfer to the Airport to take the flight to El Calafate. Arrival and transfer to the booked hotel, check-in and accommodation.

Accommodation: Alto Calafate

DAY 11 - Perito Moreno Minitrekking

Breakfast at hotel. The departure time for the Perito Moreno Glacier minitrekking tour with walkways is as scheduled. The tour departs from the city to the west and heading the National Park. Before the balconies area of the Perito Moreno Glacier, we will find the Bajo las Sombras port, 75 km (47 mi) from El Calafate. We will depart by boat from Bajo de las Sombras port across Rico Arm, taking in the breathtaking views of the southern face of Perito Moreno Glacier. The boat navigates as close as 500 m (0.4 mi) from the walls and then we will disembark on the opposite shore. This area offers restrooms, lockers and tables where visitors can have lunch (box lunch). Here specialized guides will organize groups of not more than 20 people and then they will guide the groups to the edge of the glacier while telling visitors about the glacier’s formation and characteristics. When you are on the ice your guide will assist in putting your crampons on, and explain how to use them to walk and climb. The 2-hour circuit that follows will introduce visitors to the fascinating landscape of the glaciers as they walk on the ice. Then, we will return to the hut and get on board the boat to sail back to Bajo las Sombras port. There, we will get on the bus and visit the walkways area with time to walk around the balconies and paths. Lunch is not included; it is on the passenger. Finally, we will return to El Calafate.

Accommodation: Alto Calafate (Breakfast) 


Day 12 - El Calafate - Glacier Gourmet Experience

Breakfast at hotel. The Gourmet Glacier Experience – Maria Turquesa Cruise, by Mar Patag, with Gourmet Lunch starts at 7.30/8.00 a.m. This tour sails to the main glaciers of Argentino Lake aboard the new María Turquesa Cruise with the highest standard of comfort and gourmet cuisine for a truly memorable experience. The cruise has a capacity for 180 people on Standard deck (with Gourmet BOX LUNCH and one non-alcohol beverage) plus 20 people on Premium deck (with 3-course Gourmet Lunch, alcohol and non-alcohol beverages over lunch, and non-alcohol beverages and tea and coffee all along the ride). Land transfer from the hotel to Punta Bandera where we will embark at La Soledad, a private port. The cruise sails northwest passing by Punta Avellaneda and Boca del Diablo (the narrower passage of the lake, around 800 metres wide (0.5 mi). After a two-hour navigation, successive ice floes will announce the Upsala Glacier is close. The cruise stops in front of an ice-floe barrier that temporarily blocks the way to the Upsala Channel. If the weather so allows, we will get to see the Upsala Glacier in the distance. The cruise continues sailing down Argentino Lake to the south and then takes the Spegazzini Channel to observe the glacier, also called Spegazzini. The cruise gets really close to this glacier with front walls from 80 to 135 metres (263 to 443 ft.) above the lake level. There we will have lunch while admiring the breathtaking landscape. In the afternoon, the María Teresa Cruise arrives in Puesto de las Vacas, a quiet bay within the Spegazzini Channel, where the cruise stops the engine and passengers can share a hike organized by the guiding team. The walk takes visitors to appreciate magnificent panoramic views of the Spegazzini Glacier. Then, the cruise sails to Los Témpanos Channel and the north wall of the famous Perito Moreno Glacier. Finally, we will set sail back to the Port to disembark and return to the hotel.

Accommodation: Alto Calafate (Breakfast)


Day 13 - Transfer to Buenos Aires

Breakfast at hotel. At the scheduled time, transfer to the Airport to take the flight to Buenos Aires. Arrival and transfer to the booked hotel, check-in and accommodation.

Accommodation: Grand Brizo Buenos Aires (Breakfast)

Day 15 -Transfer out

Breakfast at hotel. At the scheduled time, transfer to the Ezeiza International Airport to take the flight to next destination.


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